• tcoxen@skilledw... 12/01/2008 - 5:34pm

    The Illinois Workforce Investment Board (IWIB) established the Transportation and Logistics Task Force on December 9, 2005 to develop recommendations for addressing the causes of worker shortages in transportation and logistics as documented in regional reports from the Critical Skill Shortages Initiative (CSSI). The task force was asked to focus on issues that required state level action. The IWIB requested that the task force present findings and recommendations at the September 2006 IWIB meeting.

    This report summarizes the major findings and recommendations of the Transportation and Logistics Task Force. The first section provides background information on the formation of the task force, task force meetings, and the major issues addressed. The second section provides a definition of transportation and logistics and provides some basic facts on the size and importance of the sector in Illinois. This section also highlights the major worker shortages. The final section summarizes the task force findings and recommendations and proposed next steps.

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